September 30, 2022

Activity Nights for families with young children coming to Newton

Activities and family time combine for learning and fun in the Raising School Ready Readers program coming to Newton in October.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and Parents As Teachers (Jasper County) are offering a series of family literacy activity nights for parents and children ages 3-6.

“We know parents with children this age often wonder how to get their child on a path to be successful in school and become a good reader,” Denice Fischer, program coordinator with ISU Extension and Outreach, said. “We are excited to share this program because it helps busy parents discover simple ways to help turn everyday routines and experiences into learning opportunities for reading and writing skills.”

The Raising School Ready Readers program can help parents prepare their children to succeed in school and gain independence while having fun together as a family.

“The kids really love coming to the sessions because they play games and spend time with their parents, while parents are learning and practicing easy techniques to help their children become successful readers and writers,” Fischer said.

The five weekly sessions are scheduled from 6 to 7:30 p.m. each Tuesday, Oct. 11 through Nov. 8 at Newton DMACC. “We know families are busy, so our motto is come as often as you can and miss when you must. It’s still worth it even if you have to miss a session,” Fischer said. “Join us for this fun program! Kids love the activities, parents love the information, and everyone loves the family time.”

This program is free to families. Funding for the program is provided by ISU Extension & Outreach, Jasper County. To register, contact Fischer at or 641-792-6433.