March 28, 2023

Hot ‘Dog Days of Summer’

Advantage Credit Union hosting a fundraising celebration with Heavenly Hot Dogs Aug. 9

Driving along First Avenue East in Newton, a big OPEN flag waves welcoming people to try out the Heavenly Hot Dogs stand. There, River Miller will serve up one of his delicious hot dog creations and at the same time help out causes along the way.

“I’ve been doing Heavenly Hot Dogs for three years, since I was 10,” Miller said. “First I did a lemonade stand, the first time I did it at our church at a picnic table. Then, I had somebody help me make a lemonade stand out of pallets before I upgraded to hot dogs. I was originally going to do a taco truck but realized those are really expensive, and then we found the hot dog cart.”

Miller is taking Heavenly Hot Dogs to the west side of the square for an end of the “Dog Days of Summer” celebration at Advantage Credit Union. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 9, Miller will be set up in the parking lot at 121 W. Third St. N. selling hot dogs to raise funds for a variety of causes.

“We invite everyone to come out and support a young entrepreneur who uses his business to fundraise for different things including digging wells in Africa and sending kids to camp,” Advantage Credit Union Business Services/Marketing VP Jeff Holschuh said.

The credit union has pledged to match all sales up to $500 from the event, making a great to help those in need while getting a tasty lunch, too. Miller’s menu has the Chicago Dog with relish, hot pepper, tomato, mustard, celery salt and onion, the Chili Dog with chili, onion and cheddar cheese and a make-you-own dog where you select your own fixings.

While he isn’t sure the culinary arts are a path he is looking to pursue, Miller does like to raise money for those in need.

“I’ve always liked to give and I think it is fun to raise money for other people,” Miller said. “What we raise funds for changes throughout the years. We do a lot of stuff for mission trips, Zambia, Uganda and we do some local things.”

His current efforts are going to his brother and sister-in-law who just had twins. Miller is raising funds to help with money as his family travels back and forth to Des Moines.

“It is just kind of the thing I decided to do one day and I like doing it,” Miller said.

For more information about Miller’s fundraising efforts, visit Heavenly Hot Dogs on Facebook.

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