November 28, 2021

Monroe Mayoral Candidates

Name: Doug Duinink

Age: 51

Occupation: Journey Pipe Welder for Local 33

Please introduce yourself and explain why you are running for mayor. My name is Doug Duinink. I have proudly spend the last 6 years serving the great town of Monroe as your Mayor. I am a proud Veteran who is an active member of the American Legion #363, a member of the Monroe United Methodist Church, Preston Masonic Lodge and Za-Ga-Zig Shrine. I’m married and have two songs in college. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed attending numerous PCM athletic events and still drive a bus to support the PCM Community in my spare time.

I’m running for mayor because I believe that the Community of Monroe deserves a chance to grow, thrive and prosper! I’ve enjoyed working with the past and present council members because it takes many opinions and views to make this city a place where not only the community grows but the families want to come and live in a family friendly environment. I’m proud to say that Monroe is a community that takes care of each other.

I believe some of the main issues facing city government is the constant need for infrastructure, such as replacing of old water and sewer lines, while continuing to repair and replace streets in town. Over the years, I have been involved in many water, sewer and street projects, bu most recently was the $3.6 million Sewer Lagoon Facility Project.

I believe in taking care of our local very dedicated police and fire department by providing the means to make our community as safe as possible

As a lifelong member of this community my vision of growth in Monroe is to help make any and all opportunities possible for both families and local businesses.

In my opinion, the best part of Monroe is the community involvement and respect that we show each other every day. Whether it be a neighbor, friend or business in need, we as a community as always here to help.

I have enjoyed the last six years serving this great community and I look forward to striving in the years to come. My main goal is to make Monroe the best community in the State of Iowa as your Mayor. I would appreciate your vote on November 2nd.


Name: Gale Perrin

Age: 60

Occupation: Pipefitter

Please introduce yourself and explain why you are running for mayor. My name is Gale Perrin, I met Paula Hewitt 40 years and six months ago, and married her 40 years ago. We chose to live in Monroe because it was where Paula grew up, and I’m no fan of big city living. I’ve made Monroe my home, and love it here, its a geographical oddity, 15 minutes from everything and a fantastic community. I was involved with youth soccer from the very beginning, coaching for 8 years, I also coached little league baseball for 2 years, I coached girls softball for 2 years, I was a cub scout leader for 2 years, I was the president of the Old Settlers committee1 year, helped with Awanas, served on the methodist church board, i have done an entire neighborhood restoration project, and I am currently restoring 2 old buildings up on the square without any use of tax dollars.

First and foremost I’m running for Mayor because I feel like I need to do something more for Monroe. I’m not running against Doug Duinink, we are friends, and more than anything I’m running to give him a break lol. But seriously, I would love to explore replacing the city portion of the property taxes with a local option sales tax, I feel that the property tax is border line immoral. We have no say every other year in the tax evaluation of our property. It’s a negative tax in that it discourges folks from doing upgrades to their properties and NO ONE SHOULD BE TAXED OUT OF THE HOME THEY OWN!! And in regards to folks that say that poor people or renters don’t pay property taxes, I say baloney! It’s included in their rent. As I travel through Iowa I am coming across towns that have a vibrant town square, and my goal is to do what I can to bring that kind of activity to our square. And to encourage businesses that folks WANT to do business with the folks that are up on the square now are awesome businesses that deserve our business. We should be grateful that they’ve chosen our town to thrive in and give them our patronage.

I also want to resume the rec park project, it seems like that ball has been dropped, let’s get the walking path finished, pave the parking lot and where did the idea of splash pad disappear to. And finally, I want to be available for monthly coffee time with the Mayor.

One of the best qualities in this town is that we can have disagreement one day and tomorrow we are still friends. I love the unique opportunities that are available in this town its fun to watch those opportunities being fulfilled. While I want to see Monroe grow, I never want to see it become like Norwalk or Waukee. Those are nice communities but they have exploded, along with a huge increase in their property taxes. I’d rather see steady growth rather than explosive growth. So please help me give my buddy Doug break on November 2 by voting for me for Mayor.