December 09, 2021

SCHOOL BOARD Q&As: Raymond Whipple

8 candidates compete for 4 seats on Newton school board

Name: Raymond Whipple

Age: 66 years old

Occupation: Retired educator

1) Please introduce yourself and explain why you are running for school board.

My name is Raymond Whipple and a retired Newton teacher. I am running for school board because:

• I have been a part of this successful school district for over 20 years now and I want to continue being active in it’s continuing success.

• I believe a teacher’s input in school board discussions would be very beneficial to students, teachers, support staff, parents, and citizens who live within the Newton Community School District.

• I am a candidate that would value community involvement, while at the same time respecting parental, and community member views and opinions.

2) What is a parent’s role and how does it fit into the school district?

Parents, students, and teachers are all a part of the Newton Community School District that school board members represent.As a board member I would value their input and respect their views on subjects that are not already covered by Federal or State laws.

3) How do you think the district is recovering from the 2020 school year?

After listening to the last school board meeting financial report it appears that financially the Newton School District is in pretty good shape.Academically, like students all over the country, I believe we have several students that have fallen behind where they should be at this time in their academic abilities.

4) What’s the best quality of Newton schools? What can the district improve on?

I feel one of the best qualities of the Newton School District is the wide array of academic opportunities available to students.

• A wide variety of courses.

• Free DMACC courses/credits available.

• Top notch band and theater arts programs.

• Wide variety of activities and clubs available.

• Wide variety of extra curricular activities available.

• Alternative educational opportunity for the students who need it to be successful learners.

I feel the district can improve on:

• Valuing community input and involvement.

• Open enrollment ratio of lost to gain.

• Handicap accessibility to sports venues.

5) What other school issues are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about the areas I feel the district can improve on.

• Valuing community input and involvement.

• Open enrollment ratio of lost to gain.

• Handicap accessibility to sports venues.

Christopher Braunschweig

Reporter with a strong penchant for community journalism.