June 20, 2021

inMotion hosts annual dance recitals outdoors

To allow for COVID-safe show, performers move to Maytag Bowl this weekend

The inMotion Center has held 21 annual dance recitals in its lifetime, but this weekend is the first one to be held outdoors.

Michelle O’Brien, of inMotion, said the studio’s tumbling and cheer show begins at 6:30 p.m. Friday and the dance recital at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday at Maytag Bowl in Newton. More than 100 performers will take part in the recital.

Normally, inMotion shows are held at Newton High School. Because of the close quarters inside the school auditorium, O’Brien felt a more open venue would be beneficial — and safer — for dancers.

“We have tried to be very safe all year,” O’Brien said. “The kids have worn masks. They’ve come in the building and hand sanitized. We haven’t let the parents in. I just didn’t feel comfortable putting everybody into the high school.”

Seeing the dancers perform a dress rehearsal on the bowl stage in Maytag Park brought a completely different atmosphere, O’Brien said. Usually, the kids don’t get to watch other performances. With this outdoor venue, they can.

To adhere to last year’s pandemic conditions, inMotion held a video recital instead. Performers have been working on their routines for nine months, and for them to have an actual in-person audience on a new stage is “exciting.”

O’Brien said, “It’s just really, really cool. I didn’t imagine how neat or exciting it would be until I stepped off the stage, walked to the middle and watched my kids dance. This. Is. Super. Neat.”

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