May 12, 2021

Newton man charged with three counts of sex crimes against children

Officers searched suspect’s residence and found child pornography

A 32-year-old Newton man who was in possession of child pornography was arrested on April 30 and charged for a number of sex crimes against children.

Andrew S. Scanlan was charged with three counts of second degree sexual abuse and three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor — both of which are felonies — in addition to an aggravated misdemeanor charge for purchasing or possessing depictions of a minor in sex acts.

The case is still under investigation.

Newton Police Department said in a press release that officers had received a cyber tip on April 5 from the National Center for Missing and Endangered Children through the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, indicating Scanlan was in possession of child pornography.

Subsequent search warrants of Scanlan’s residence revealed additional child pornography that police said was “manufactured” by the suspect and involved sex acts with a child.

Second degree sex abuse is a Class B felony and can lead to 25 years imprisonment upon a successful conviction. Sexual exploitation of a minor is a Class C felony, which can net the abuser up to 10 years imprisonment and $100,000 in fines.

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