April 19, 2021

NCSD announces spring spectator guidelines

School district still requires masks at activities, but new rules do allow some wiggle room

Spectators at Newton spring sports and activities will still be required to wear face masks, but the rules allow for some flexibility.

On Monday, Newton Community School District’s activities and athletics department released its spectator guidelines and expectations for the spring season. Face coverings must be worn in all public areas, which include places like the concession stands, restrooms and commons areas.

However, once spectators are seated outdoors they may relax their face mask once proper social distancing has been established. In areas where social distancing is not possible — and at all indoor events — the athletics and activities department decide face coverings will be required.

Both high school and middle school student sections will require a face covering to enter and must be worn at all times.

All spectators are encouraged to practice social distance and remain six feet away from other, non family member spectators when possible. Family members attend sporting events or activities are encouraged to sit together.

Spectators are also encouraged to practice “social responsibility” and stay home if they do not feel well or are running a fever. They are also encouraged to use exact change when pay at the gate or at the concession stand.

The public address announcer will make frequent reminders of all these rules.

The spring season spectator guidelines and expectations apply for both indoor and outdoor school facilities, including H.A. Lynn Stadium.

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