January 27, 2021

Continuing the progress

Quarry Springs Outfitter approved for three more years of business in Colfax

What has been a very successful addition to Quarry Springs Park for the past three years, Quarry Springs Outfitters will continue serving those looking to explore the waters at the park. A contract with Greg Rhames of Quarry Springs Outfitters was approved for renewal by the Colfax City Council at it’s December meeting.

The council did discuss potential changes to the concession arrangement following the addition of camper rental sites at Quarry Springs Park and one council member brought up the length of the contract, three years, and whether they want to “tie up” the buildings at the park with potential growth coming.

“I can see from a business owners standpoint, you don’t want to invest a bunch of money in equipment without the contract,” councilman Brad Magg said.

Quarry Springs board president Kim Seeback also said Rhames main sales come from the kayaks, not concessions.

“I don’t think he is interested in a lot of food sales ... and he does work with local to provide food there,” Seeback said. “In fact, if we asked him to take the food concession out, we probably could, but it’s not a non-compete.”

Councilwoman Karla Jones asked if the area continues to develop and there is a need to use the building currently housing the outfitters, would Rhames be open to negotiations. Seeback said he definitely would and has been accommodating in the past.

“Remember, he is not paying rent for a building, he is actually paying a percentage of his sales in rentals in trade for the space,” Seeback said. “We have actually moved back and forth a couple of times. That is a little bit at our need ... we can shrink him down if we had to.”

The percentage of sales is set at 5 percent, which in 2019 brought in approximately $2,300. Seeback also mentioned the events Rhames holds at Quarry Springs, which bring in a number of local and new visitors to the area.

“They bring a lot of people to the park,” Seeback said. “He is good about promoting and providing exposure to us.”

The original contract was signed in 2017 as a way to enhance the area and bring new recreation opportunities to the city. The new contract will run until 2024.

In other business:

• The council approving increasing the hourly wages for full time police officers in order to stay competitive with neighboring cities. The rate will be increased to $25.70 from $23.38 per hour.

• It was also approved to advertise for a full time police officer and public works director.

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