December 04, 2023

Colfax-Mingo School Board Election Candidates 2023

James Tomlonovic — At-Large

Election Day is Nov. 7.

Name: James Tomlonovic

Age: 71

Occupation: Farmer, and retired rural letter carrier in the Colfax Mingo and Iraq communities

1. Please introduce yourself and explain why you are running for school board.

I’ve lived in Colfax, Colfax-Mingo my whole life graduated from Colfax high school attended Iowa State University, and received a degree in Urban Design and Public Administration. I have two sons who have graduated from the district and three grandchildren currently living in the district. I was a board member of the Colfax country club for six years I coached and substitute taught for 28 years in the Colfax Mingo district I’ve had first-hand experience with the challenges of the daily educational process .over those years I interacted with students and parents to solve issues that existed. I feel this experience has prepared me as a member of the Colfax Mingo school board. It is my goal to be accountable and accessible to all citizens of theCM District and make the best informed decisions for all existing and future students.

2. What’s the best quality of C-M schools? What can the district improve on?

CM Schools Best quality is the smaller class sizes which allow teachers to be able to communicate one on one with students in the classrooms. It also allows students to develop relationships with fellow students throughout the district. Every school district has qualities they can improve on. CM ‘s major improvement that is needed is keeping the citizens of the communities informed of all major decisions facing the district.

3. What challenges do you see in public schools and how do you propose to address them?

Open enrollment is a major issue affecting all public school from the state, follows the student to the new district leaving the old district in financial distress to pay existing expenditures that exist no matter what the enrollment is at.vCM Schools needs to develop new programs and incentives to keep existing students and attract new students into our district.

4. Where would you like to see C-M grow?

I would like to see increased courses in the technological and computer programming Also many trade skills are needed in the work force.I would like to increase classes offering hands on work training.

5. What is a parent’s role in the educational system?

Parents need to be a positive role model for their children. Parents also need to be supportive with the teachers and administrative staff. If conflicts, arise, parent should be able to calmly discuss situation, dealing with their student with the staff and administration.

6. What other school issues are you most passionate about?

The CM school district should offer opportunities for students to achieve their full educational potential’s in whatever field they desire to enter into the workforce. I am most concerned about the new facilities constructed at the Junior Senior high school campus, and how many major issues exist throughout the facilities that need to be addressed before the construction phase is complete. The construction company needs to be held accountable for all major issues that need to be repaired.

If elected I promise to be available to every parent, student and member of the CM District thank you for your support