August 19, 2022

Wild Roots Boutique and Suites takes over old doctors office on Colfax main street

New boutique/med spa hybrid lays down roots in Colfax

An odd mix of fashion and function, Wild Roots Boutique and Suites combines medical spa beauty services with a relaxing retail atmosphere at Colfax’s newest main street business.

Many locals will be most familiar with Wild Roots from its recent grand opening on Nov. 28, which received much fanfare and has helped the business become a new hotspot for Colfax’s beauty-minded residents during the past few weeks.

Now, what exactly is Wild Roots Boutique and Suites? To put it simply, the location is a combination of two different businesses: one of which offers retail shopping, and the other medical spa treatments.

This whole two-in-one business model is the brainchild of owner Kayci Bloethe.

Bloethe, a long-time esthetician and makeup artist, said she decided a growing city like Colfax would be a great location to open a medical spa, which offers big-city services in a small-town setting.

“The community has voiced what they wanted to see and we are here to provide that,” Bloethe said.

And the med spa half of the business offers everything one could want and expect from a well-established spa.

Waxing, spray tans, professional makeup and botox are all services currently offered, with other services like massage therapy hopefully being added when all the suites are filled.

And the services offered will always be changing.

“Since we’ve opened our clientele has been very consistent in making regular appointments, so we are hopeful that happy customers and good work will help drum up even more business,” Bloethe said.

Currently, only two of the med spa suites are occupied. One by Bloethe and another by Jamie Brair, a Nurse Practitioner who offers botox, chemical peels and facials.

“Right now we’re looking for people to rent out our other suites spaces and, hopefully, start offering new services. The big demand currently is for a massage therapist,” Bloethe said.

But the med spa is only half of Wild Root Boutique and Suites business. The other half, as the business’ name suggests, is a boutique located near the entrance.

The boutique offers a collection of eclectic accessories, knickknacks and trendy clothing items.

According to Madison Heitshusen, an employee at the boutique, the items offered at the boutique are a mix of western and boho chic.

“The boutique is here, first, to give people something to do and look at when they are waiting for their appointments, and, second, to draw in new clients who may not be aware of the spa,” Heitshusen said.

What comes next for the boutique side of the business? Heitshusen said the project taking up most of their was building a website for both sides of the business.

“Once we get online both making spa appointments and seeing new store arrivals will be much easier for customers,” Heitshusen said.

But for Bloethe, the only project on her mind at the moment is putting together her new “glambulance.”

“I’ve been looking for an old ambulance to convert into a rolling beauty studio for years and last week I finally found one,” Bloethe said. “Once I’ve renovated it I’ll be taking this baby mainly to weddings where I’m working as a makeup artist. It’ll be its own kind of spa on wheels.”

Wild Roots is located at 107 N. Walnut St., just next to Colfax Pharmacy. To make an appointment with Bloethe, you can reach her at 641-856-7466.

The store will be expanding its offered services soon and will make any announcements on the expansion on their Facebook page.

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