July 24, 2024

Learning the business

Colfax-Mingo Young Entrepreneurs summer course hits the farmer’s market with business plan

Young entrepreneurs were out learning on the job at the Colfax Farmer’s Market June 22. As a part of the Colfax-Mingo Young Entrepreneurs summer class, students were on hand doing face painting and finding out what running a business is really like.

“This is the first time at the high school this has been done,” teacher Jen Synder said. “I think with the thought of when the building was shut down, trying to fulfill some of the needs and make up some of that time with enrichment opportunities for the kids.”

The idea for the entrepreneur class started at the suggestion of former principal Todd Jones and grew from there. Once underway, the students came up with the idea for a face painting and temporary tattoo business at the Colfax Farmer’s Market.

“They are learning about setting prices, they did some advertising on Facebook, just to see what businesses have,” Synder said. “We have also been around to a couple of businesses in town to see what they do and are faced with as business owners.”

The class decided on a price range of $1 to $5 depending on the art selected for the face painting. They also learned about accepting payment and returning change as customers started to come their way.

The class also teamed up with the school district, who was at the farmer’s market handing out free books to kids who stopped by.

“This is from the education foundation, they wanted us to purchase books so we are giving them away to kids to try to get some more families to come to this and help out the community,” superintendent Erik Anderson said.

Seeing an opportunity to potentially have additional kids at the market, the class thought it would be a good time to feature their business idea.

“We also knew that the school was giving away books so we thought it would be a good time to partner and there would probably be more kids coming in,” Synder said.

While the summer courses wrap up the final week in June, the lessons taught will hopefully stay with the kids and maybe the entrepreneurial spirit will help them become the next shop owner in the growing business district.

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