May 15, 2021

Four things to know from the April Baxter City Council meeting

1. Baxter Economic Development Corporation President Doug Bishop gave an update on several items for the organization. BEDC is looking at two different plans for residential property on East Avenue. A follow-up on a previous proposal for a townhouse will be initiated and if that is not available, BEDC will proceed with a second plan.

The BEDC Board has discussed smaller lots for residential properties on South West Avenue to allow for smaller starter homes. The organization will proceed further once the South West Avenue project is complete.

2. Public works director Bryce Halter said cemetery clean-up has been completed and street sweeping took place April 15 and 16. The city will begin filling potholes, as needed and is also getting an estimate on moving the concrete pile at the maintenance yard and removing the burn pile.

For water and wastewater, Halter said the #2 wastewater pump started is damaged. He said JEDCO has been contacted and will also repair a module on the lift station across from the shop.

3. The city council requested bids for Restland Cemetery road installation and cemetery lot prices were discussed. The director position for Fire/EMS services was also discussed by the council.

4. Robin Hansen shared concerns with the council on the need for a no parking sign along a section of North High Street. The section is adjacent to the business drive, which needs to allow safe access of semis. Council decided to continue discussion on the matter at its next meeting.