May 15, 2021

Colfax swimming pool to open for 2021 season

City becoming sponsor for the Colfax Farmers’ Market this year

The City of Colfax swimming pool will open for the 2021 season after having it closed all of 2020. The city council also approved the opening along with repair work to be completed to the summer recreational destination.

The council discussed reopening the pool during its workshop meeting. City staff shared thoughts on the pool reopening including concerns about the pandemic and staffing, the construction work going on adjacent to the pool for the new school stadium and the dust and mess it may bring. They also told the council when talking to the public, people overwhelmingly want it to open.

“From what I have seen from other small communities and even large communities, most are going to open their pool,” city administrator Wade Wagoner said. “Most are not going to do group lessons.”

To deal with the pool’s mechanical issues, Dickerson Mechanical was approved to make repairs to the drain and baby pool water line in the amount of $14,170. The repairs will be paid for using funds from the Hotel/Motel Tax.

When discussing the issue of dust blanketing the pool area from the construction work, it was asked of the company who is completed the work to spray water on the dirt areas to help keep mitigate the problem. Also with the construction work, concerns over the public’s safety coming and going from the pool with construction machinery also using the area was brought up. Colfax-Mingo Superintendent Erik Anderson said the company providing the work will provide traffic control when trucks and going to or leaving the area. They will also move any equipment in the pool parking area when requested.

The council also approved the city becoming the sponsor for the Colfax Farmers’ Market in 2021. By sponsoring the event, the city insurance can cover the event and move back to Mineral Springs Park.

“We checked with the insurance company we currently have and whoever is doing it would get insurance and name the city as insured on their policy,” mayor David Mast said.

Colfax Main Street along with local business owners approached the city about partnering for the summer staple. In recent years, those participating in the market have set up on the sidewalks of downtown Colfax. With the sponsorship, the farmers’ market will move back to Mineral Springs Park and continue to grow the popular community event.

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