July 26, 2021

5 things to know from the December Baxter City Council meeting

1. Baxter Economic Development Committee President Ryan Bucklin said an issue with a residential fence in Phase II of Westfield Horizons housing development constructed over the lot line of a lot of Phase IV is being addressed. Bucklin also said Jon Northrup will re-seed Lot 14 in the spring and the silt sock will be removed after that time.

Stephanie Dart and Larry Ladd are continuing their work on a marking plan for selling Phase IV lots in the spring.

BEDC officers for 2021 were also approved. Doug Bishop will serve as president, Bucklin as vice president, Dart will fill the secretary position and Katie Mills will be treasurer.

2. Police Chief John Hicks reported the county the department has been working on speed and traffic enforcement “hard” during the previous weeks. He said a majority of complaints the department had received recently involved motorist speed violations. While warnings and municipal infractions have been issued as necessary, he said the violations continue.

The council also discussed the noise ordinance and municipal infraction fee schedule. Hicks said the fine schedule was crucial to address various issues including notice within the community. A sub-committee was formed and a feasible schedule will be presented to council for consideration.

3. Public Works Director Shawn Fuller reported to the council it should consider the purchase of a new plow truck for the next fiscal year. Also, with a recent contribution from the Clement Charitable Trust for flooring replacement in the Community Room/City Hall Fuller, quotes are currently being gathered for council consideration.

4. Mayor Gennypher Popenhagen said she had been contacted concerning the current owner of the local nursing home facility gifting the facility to the city. After discussion from the council, it was requested Popenhagen proceed with further negotiations on the matter.

Popenhagen was also contacted by a company that provides an aerial drove photo service that took pictures of the city’s water tower and asked if the city would be interested in purchasing the photos. Council requested further information, including costs, for consideration.

5. Budget work sessions were set for 5:30 p.m. Jan. 25, Feb. 4 and Feb. 22.