April 13, 2021

Campground at Quarry Springs gaining momentum

Colfax City Council gives support to development project

Quarry Springs is looking to expand to RV Camping and the Colfax City Council is on board. The council approved a resolution supporting the expansion during its regular November meeting.

“We’re very excited and very thankful the city is willing to support the RV Camping,” Quarry Springs Board President Kim Seebeck said. “We still have a lot of work to do but this gives us good forward momentum.”

In the proposal shared with the council, the board said after operating the park for the last five years, they feel it is a step that takes the park to the next level and the time is right. While there are high costs to install RV Camping, there is also the potential for large revenue to be generated over time. It could also be a significant economic boom for the city, as well.

“We’ve been kicking around the idea for several years but we really started talking about it last spring,” Seebeck said. “The amount of use of the park and the possible revenue it could generate made it a little more serious.”

The concept includes the construction of 30 stalls and a restroom/shower facility at the park. Fifteen of the stall would be located between the block and building and office while an additional 15 would be south of the office in the north section of the parking lot. Of the total 30 stalls, 29 would be available to rent while one would be reserved for a caretaker.

There would be lighting, landscaping and gravel at each stall, and the proposal would require water and electric upgrades be brought to the island for RV stalls and restroom facilities. The current office would be converted into a restroom and shower facility along with a storm shelter.

The campground would operate seasonally with a paid caretaker and an online reservation system. The anticipated rate per night would be $40. Additional dumping fees could be added if a dumping station is installed.

Estimated annual operating costs sit at $20,000 to $25,000. Projected revenue for full occupancy 180 nights is $208,800 or $104,400 for 50 percent full. Should be campground operate year-round, the revenue could reach $423,400 if full or $211,700 at 50 percent capacity.

The board referenced two local campgrounds for occupancy comparisons. The Newton KOA currently maintains 90 percent occupancy and is expanding and Thomas Mitchell Park sees 75 percent occupancy on a regular basis.

To make the campground happen, the board estimated costs to build at $400,000 to $450,000. To fund this, several avenues are being looked at including a loan at $300,000, CAT grant at $80,000 and local fundraising filling in the rest.

The city has talked about two different ways to finance the project. A General Obligation Bond or a revenue bond were reviewed. City administrator Wade Wagoner said the GO Bond would most likely have the best interest rate for the city.

Looking at the proposal, the city staff believes if the conservative revenues are realized at the campground, the city could begin using those revenues to make additional improvements at Quarry Springs and being to flesh out the park’s master plan.

It is the goal of the board to open the RV Campground at Quarry Springs in Spring 2021.

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