July 26, 2021

NHS senior extends shooting career at Simpson

Newton High School senior Dryden DeKoning announced he plans to continue his trap shooting career at Simpson College next year.

DeKoning has competed on the trap shooting team for the past three years and intends to complete his fourth season in the spring. While not a sanctioned school sport, it is a popular club sport.

When deciding where to continue his education, DeKoning chose the place where he could jump right in and feel at home.

“I chose Simpson because the campus really impressed me when I went down and visited, and I really liked the team when I practiced with them,” he said.

DeKoning’s parents, Brent and Amy, his main support system for his life. He said they are the reason he has the opportunity to continue on to the next level.

“They went and visited with me and we all felt that Simpson was the right place for me,” DeKoning said.

The club sport is a bit of a family affair. DeKoning’s cousins, Jarrett and Bryce, shot for the team during their middle and high school careers at Grinnell.

“They introduced me to the sport and ever since then I have been hooked. Jarrett continued shooting in college and is currently shooting on the William Penn team down in Oskaloosa,” DeKoning said.

Beside competing for the trap team, DeKoning plans to major in business administration. He hopes he can gain the knowledge he needs to return to Newton and open his own small business.

For now, he plans to make the most out of his senior year at Newton even as we continue to navigate these unusual times.

“We may not be able to do everything like normal but I think we can still make the best out of everything,” DeKoning said.

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