April 13, 2021

7 things to know from the October Baxter School Board meeting

1. The board reviewed an option of a potential indoor activity facility located at the sport complex. Jamie Rochleau with Story Construction offered advice and options for the building. It may or may not house a tornado safe room, locker rooms, restrooms, a practice area, concessions, storage among other amenities.

2. Principal Rob Luther said teachers are working exceptionally hard to establish relationships with students during COVID19. To gauge student mental health and connectedness, administration distributed a survey to middle/high school students. The administration and teachers are following up by concentrating on those with less than favorable replies on the survey.

Fall parent/teacher conferences will be held virtually this fall. Parents will be asked to sign up for a 20 min time slot and will visit with teachers through telecommunication.

3. Principal Jason Aker said at the elementary school conferences will also be held virtually with student report cards and portfolios to be distributed to parents prior to the conferences so they can ask informed questions about their students.

Teachers are also working with students in accelerated learning environments to alleviate the ramifications of the early dismissal of school last school year due to the pandemic. He said teachers and administration continue efforts in building relationships and making this school year a quality-learning year during the midst of the pandemic.

4. Aug. 23, 2021 was approved as the start date for the 2021-2022 school year.

5. Superintendent Mickolyn Clapper announced overall enrollment for the district is up 24 students for 2020-2021. Also, the resident student enrollment is up 13 students, which she said provides the main funding source for the district in the following school year.

6. Jason Aker, Donna Akins, Jennifer Anderegg, Betsy Damman, Travis Dee, Wyatt Eide, Erin Engle, Laurie Gowdy, Rob Luther, Josh Russell, Kim Tichy, Mickolyn Clapper, Lindsey Hook and new members: Nancy Foreman, Melissa Brummel, McKenzie Eslinger, Kinley Bethards, Joe McMinamen and two teachers, each from elementary and secondary, yet to be named, as presented were approved for the 2020-2021 School Improvement Advisory Committee.

7. Board members discussed at length opening the district buildings back up to public. It was decided to table the item to allow for additional information and discussion with formal organizations.

While it is anticipated that organizations comprising of district students only will be allowed to enter the building upon proper facility rental protocol and additional cleaning/disinfecting protocol measures after each event; it is not anticipated that any public/community members will be permitted to enter unless there is direct relation with those district students during after school hours events.