May 12, 2021

Vote Breckenridge for truth, not lies

I had to write this in favor of Wes Breckenridge, as there have been so many lies and falsehoods thrown. When Wes had to retire from the p Police force, the town knew what a compassionate and caring officer they were losing. When Wes was elected to the statehouse, we knew that once again we were going to be served with the same values as an officer.

Some of my adult children were fortunate to have had Wes as their SRO in school. The leadership he showed to kids was admirable. Who better now to teach kids criminal justice than Wes. I was so mad when I received a call that was perceived to be an “unbiased” poll for both candidates. I listened until they started trashing Wes with lies on defunding. I am so sick of hearing that Democrats (and Wes) want to defund the police. Neither have said this and an ex-officers would never do this to his band of brothers and sisters. They are being blamed by what protestors from both parties are saying.

Wes’s record speaks for itself. When Republicans privatized state Medicaid, Wes was there to help mental illness. He helped agencies and clients by holding MCOs accountable for reimbursements. I was unfortunately as part of the caregivers who lost their jobs because the MCOs did not reimburse agencies for services provided in 2018.

The other guy is blaming Democrats for not getting things done, but who has control of the statehouse? If Republicans don’t like what has happened, they have themselves to blame. From day one, Wes has worked with both sides of the aisle.

I am so tired of hearing Republicans who spout lies and falsehoods in the name of Christianity. They are forgetting most of what they learn from an early age ... The 10 Commandments. They are breaking them by “telling lies” and “bearing false witness.”

I am so proud to vote absentee as I have for many years. It is safe and no one is going to try to suppress my vote. Even with all that is being thrown at Wes, he is being the better person by not firing back. He continues to work with all people of the district with his head up and with integrity. Please vote for Wes so he can continue his work for all.

Becky Woody