May 12, 2021

Breckenridge works with all

I have had the opportunity to work with our District 29 State Representative Wes Breckenridge for the past four years as his legislative clerk. I’ve been able to observe many representatives’ work ethics and attitudes in the House chamber on a daily basis through the January to April legislative seasons. Being an effective representative is not an easy job. We are extremely fortunate to have as our representative someone who is smart, hardworking, principled and informed, and who has such a wide local and statewide network. It takes a person with those qualities to effectively manage a wide array of bills and constituent issues in a quick-moving four-month session.

Last winter, Wes collaborated on three important pieces of legislation that have made a big difference to Jasper County residents. He did so by reaching out to Republicans, who control the Chamber and without whose support the bills would likely not have gotten to the floor. On one bill, Wes worked with Representative Ashley Hinson to secure an increased rate for public EMS Medicaid reimbursement funding; he worked with Representative Mike Sexton on another bill for continued insurance coverage for the families of fallen peace officers; a third bill involved human trafficking prevention training where he worked with Rep. Gary Mohr.

Please join me in voting for Wes Breckenridge to re-elect him for a third term in the Iowa House. Vote by mail, in person at the auditor’s office or on Election Day.

Laura Engel