June 20, 2021

A vote for integrity

Things I want to do this fall — get windows washed, pray for the farmers and harvest, bake brownies and deliver to those who helped me clean up from the derecho, organize garage, vote in the 2020 election, vote for Wes Breckenridge, Democrat candidate for the House of Representatives, District 29.

First and foremost, Wes is honest, reliable and fair. He is patriotic in its entirety. Dependability is shown by Wes. When people reach out to him, Wes demonstrates that he really cares and works toward giving answers. He also is known to be open to ideas and discussions with the other party. Wes has experience in politics which is a valuable asset.

Jasper County residents, please vote this coming election. Your vote is essential.

It is an honor and privilege to have Wes Breckenridge as my step-son and friend.

Dianne Breckenridge