June 20, 2021

We can count on Breckenridge

It is election time and I am thinking about the candidates and who I want elected to represent us in the government. That may seem like an obvious statement but lately, in these times of half-truths and misleading statements, it seems more important than ever to vote for candidates who show good moral character and judgement.

One candidate I am supporting this year is Wes Breckenridge for Jasper County in the Iowa House. Over the last four years, I have been able to speak with Wes several times and to work with him. He is well-informed, responsible and reasonable. In areas like water and soil quality, the budget and mental health, he has good, sound information that he uses to make his decisions. When he speaks about his views, he can support them with what he knows about the subject. Moreover, if he is not sure of the facts, he will do the work to find what he needs to understand the issue better. Wes has taken the job of representative seriously, listens to people, answers concerns and follows up where it is needed. It is clear to me that he does not take the job for granted and does more than most to stay in touch with the constituents. In spite of the political divisiveness, he has worked across the aisle to get important legislation in place concerning safety in our schools and another to help families of fallen heroes. Finally, Wes has been able to stay focused in a time when the political climate has been mean and often unproductive. In these stressful, worrisome times, Wes is a voice of reassuring common sense.

I do not want more people in office who are going to bring cynical politics even lower. It is difficult to be a fair and concerned representative and I think that Wes is someone we all can count on for Jasper County.

Steve Farver