May 12, 2021

Breckenridge, proven public servant

State Representative Wes Breckenridge has truly made me proud! Wes has now served two terms in the Iowa House, and his dedication and proven leadership deserve his re-election.

I served Jasper County in the House for six terms, following which I spent five terms in the Senate. Thus, reflecting back, I recall the civility that was predominant among Republicans and Democrats. That no longer exists! I am so pleased that Representative Breckenridge who has promised to work across-the-aisle has admirably performed that task.

In almost all cases, good legislation requires the input of many, for few issues are cut-and-dried. Representative Breckenridge is fair-minded, well respected by all his colleagues and is always available and willing to seek a better final product.

Wes Breckenridge works for his constituents. His willingness and proven ability to work with all sides for the better interests of all Iowans is most commendable. Please vote for Wes Breckenridge as your “voice in state government.”

Senator Dennis Black, Retired

Jasper County