May 12, 2021

Experience matters

The only reasons to vote an incumbent out of office would be if they had been doing a terrible job and had accomplished little to nothing during their term, or terms of office. So why on earth would we ever consider removing Wes Breckenridge from office, only to replace him with someone who has never been a public servant and whose resume consists solely of being a financial advisor, a spiritual coach,and sitting on a few businesses boards of directors? Wes Breckenridge has the experience and a proven track record of fighting for the issues that matter to Jasper County.

Wes Breckenridge has built an impressive resume over the course of his previous career as a law enforcement officer and during his terms of office that his challenger does not and cannot come close to matching. Wes Breckenridge has solidly gained our trust in his ability to work hard for us in Jasper County and to remove him from office based solely on his political party or one single divisive issue defies common sense and would be foolish indeed. His rival on the ballot has not been able to challenge Wes on his record so he must resort to vague talking points and feel-good promises and ideologies as his way of selling himself to voters. Alas, it will take much more than pep talks and vague political platitudes to convince Jasper County voters to fire a proven effective and empathetic leader such as Wes Breckenridge and replace him with an inexperienced business advisor.

Which is the reason I am proud to say that on Nov. 3 I will be casting my vote for Wes

John Moore