May 12, 2021

Working for you

I first interacted with Wes Breckenridge as an elementary student when he was an SRO with the Newton Police. I received a WOW award or two from him and he taught some of our DARE classes. I may have only been in sixth grade but he left a positive impression. When I first heard he was wanting to run for office it seemed a no-brainer to vote for him.

Since then I have been honored to get to know Wes better and see his hard-work up close. He wants to talk with and hear from all constituents about any concerns or issues. He will not give up until he has answers. During the pandemic and derecho, especially, he has striven to share all pertinent information with the public and help those needing assistance.

More and more Wes has shown why I was right to support him the first time around and why I am proud to support him still. I ask you to join me in re-electing Wes Breckenridge to House District 29. Thank you.

Rachelle Tipton