June 27, 2022

Person splashed with chemical causing burning sensation

NFD responds to chemical found disposed in garbage

The Newton Fire Department responded to call about a person who had been splashed with a chemical that had been disposed of in the garbage. The chemical caused a burning sensation when it came in contact with the person’s skin.

The incident occurred before 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 22, near the intersection of South Eighth Avenue West and West Seventh Street South, across the street from Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. Once on scene, fire crews found the chemical was leaking from the garbage truck and was reacting with the city street, according to Newton Fire Chief Jarrod Wellik.

The NFD identified and neutralized the chemical, rendering it harmless. The person who had come in contact with the chemical was not transported to the hospital. The origin of the chemical remains under investigation.

Wellik said the NFD wants to remind residents not to dispose of any chemicals in their garbage. Household hazardous waste is accepted at the Newton Sanitary Landfill from April 1 through Oct. 31. Additional information on disposal of household hazardous waste is available on the City of Newton website at newtongov.org.

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