May 12, 2021

Re-elect Breckenridge

I am proud to be part of Representative Wes Breckenridge’s re-election campaign.

Wes has an excellent handle on what his district needs being he has lived in Newton and Monroe his entire life. Wes is always ready to listen to concerns from his constituents. Even now with the pandemic he will meet with residents in an outdoor location. Always ready to answer questions/concerns by phone. Does not matter whether you are an Independent, Democrat or Republican. If you have concerns about an issue, Wes wants to know.

Wes has dedicated his life to serving the community, with 27 years in law enforcement, 24 years here in Newton. Wes has an excellent relationship with leaders in the community dealing with the mental health crisis and has worked hard to find solutions.

Wes serves as a Ranking member of the House Public Safety Committee, also serves on the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Veteran Affairs committees.

I encourage all of House District 29 voters to show your support, let’s send Wes back to the Iowa Legislature so he can continue helping all Iowans.

Marcia McFall