July 24, 2024

Man sends a series of harassing text messages

A man has been arrested after sending a series of harassing messages to a protected party.

Zachary M. Lambertus, 20, of Newton, was charged with second-degree harassment and violation of no contact order as result of multiple incidents on July 12 and July 13.

According to the Newton Police Department, officers were advised of possible harassment when the victim said she had received threatening messages. The victim showed the police 43 messages she had received. One message received called the victim a “worthless piece of garbage” and used obscene language. These messages were not returned by the victim.

The harassing messages continued with several messages threatening bodily harm. The victim responded to these using Lambertus’s name and the messages stopped. However, the messages resumed again calling the victim obscenities and said they will do “whatever I want.” Another message arrived threatening the victim’s life.

Lambertus had previously been charged with assault against the victim in June. A message gave specific details about a previous incident and was signed “Z.” The phone number matched the contact number Lambertus gave his patrol officer, therefore determining these messages violated a standing no contact order.

After failed attempts to locate Lambertus a warrant for his arrest on July 23.

On Aug. 22, officers responded to a call about a possible fight in the 1500 block of North 11th Avenue East. Lambertus was found at the scene and was taken into custody by the NPD.

He was arrested for these charges along with Jasper County warrants for failure to appear for a probation revocation hearing on two counts of second-degree theft and one count of first offense operating while intoxicated and failure to appear for arraignment on a charge of assault causing bodily injury. He was taken to jail.