September 22, 2021

Grand re-opening unveils bigger, better Shugar’s

Shugar’s recently had a grand re-opening to unveil a different look on the inside of the store after a remodel coupled with the inclusion of more items and lower prices.

Shugar’s has been owned and operated in the Shugar family since 1936 when it first began in Ackley with Earl and Amanda Shugar. Shugar’s has been in Colfax since 1994 when Wayne, Thelma and Jim Shugar purchased the store. Jim Shugar is the son of Wayne and Thelma.

“We started in partnership with my dad,” Jim said of the Shugar’s in Colfax.

The store is currently owned by Jim and Kim Shugar along with their daughter Jenny Welch who is also the store manager. Throughout his time Jim has opened a couple of other Shugar stores in Adel and Des Moines but sold the other two leaving Colfax the only Shugar’s in the state.

“We are going to finish here. Hopefully a lot more years yet but yeah that is our plan,” Jim said.

The Shugar family has owned Shugar’s for 83 years so it is safe to say that Jim has been around it most of his life. Jim does have a love for what Shugar’s provides to Colfax and has a long history with it.

“When I was seven-years-old I just loved it. I can remember back then we packaged butter ... My grandma taught me that and I just loved it,” Jim said.

The Shugar’s store has gone through the remodel process at various times throughout its time in Colfax and in July it began this process again. The process changed the look on the inside of the store, added new items and lowered the prices on many others.

“We were trying to get it so when people came in it was more open,” Jim said. “Everything is pretty much done outside of the outside needs painted.”

The reason for the remodel was to create a bigger space for customers to go around and shop for the newly added items as well as the items that were recently reduced in price, ultimately creating a better product for customers.

“We are either going to big or go home, so we dumped a lot of money into this this year. Which so far its been all good comments we haven’t had one negative comment so that’s really impressed us,” Jim said.

Shugar’s has been in Colfax for 23 years now and the hopes are that it can remain there for many years to come to continue to provide Jasper County residents with a place to buy their groceries and other goodies.

“I think we have been fortunate. We have got very good customers and we love them ... I look forward to serving them for hopefully a long time to come yet ... We are here to stay,” Jim said.

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