September 30, 2022

Missing Zits comic strip

Congratulations to Pam Pratt on becoming the new editor of the Newton Daily News. I hope her tenure will be profitable for both the paper and the area it covers. I appreciate the NDN publishes a good balance of columns on the opinion page — both liberal and conservative. I appreciated the letter to the editor from Larry Anderson Monday, stating his beliefs concerning the newly disclosed FBI documents on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I also looked a bit deeper into the allegations and also found much to doubt about the report beyond the fact that Dr. King apparently did have extra-marital affairs. More than that is going to be difficult to prove.

One of the changes made this past month in the NDN is in the comic section, where my favorite comic, “Zits” has been removed in favor of an astrology column. Dennis the Menace, Family Circus, Baby Blues, Peanuts and Garfield are also high on my favorite list, but I sure do miss Zits. The author of this strip hit the nail on the head nine times out of ten concerning the lifestyle and habits of a typical 16 year old boy and gave me many laughs. Can we please have it back?  Or perhaps take a little poll of your readers and see just what comic strips we all like the best?

Sheryl L. Carter