April 19, 2021

Newton business celebrates one year of solar power with ‘solar party’

On Dec. 14, Product Development Partners hosted a party celebrating a year of clean energy. Since November of 2017, Product Development Partners have been the proud owners of a solar array that’s mounted right on the roof of their facility.

The party was attended by a number of friends and family of PDP’s team. Planned by Simpleray, the firm that designed and installed the solar array on the roof of PDP’s building, there was food, plenty of drinks, games and more to be enjoyed by the party goers.

PDP’s solar array is a 144 kW system and is made up of 420 solar modules (commonly called panels) that are mounted on the roof of the facility.

Over the past year, the solar array produced enough power to offset more than 100,000 pounds of coal.

Simpleray consulted with PDP owner Don Fisher and provided the food, drinks and entertainment.

Product Development Partners is a Newton based business that has provided high-quality prototypes and small production runs for clients nationwide. Simpleray was ranked as Iowa’s number one solar provider by Solar Power World and the nation’s Most Forward-Thinking Contractor in 2017.