December 09, 2021

Breckenridge appointed to key state budget committee

DES MOINES — Iowa House Democratic Leader Mark Smith appointed Rep. Wes Breckenridge as the Ranking Member on the Justice Systems Budget Subcommittee, which sets the budget for Iowa’s public safety and judicial branches.

“I called on Rep. Breckenridge to head this important budget committee because in his first year representing Jasper County he has shown leadership through his extensive knowledge of law enforcement and judicial field. I hope he will continue to work to ensure Iowa’s law enforcement have the resources they need to keep Iowans safe,” Smith said.

The Justice Systems Budget Committee sets the department budgets for the Iowa court system (including clerks of court), the Department of Corrections (prisons and community-based facilities), Dept. of Public Safety (criminal investigation and Highway Patrol), Attorney General, National Guard, Public Defender’s Office and indigent defense (criminal defense representation for the poor), Civil Rights Commission, and Parole Board.

In addition to serving as Ranking Member of the Justice Systems Budget, Breckenridge will also be serving on the Education, Natural Resources, Appropriations and Public Safety committees.

Breckenridge will be starting his second year of his two-year term in the Iowa House of Representatives which begins on Jan. 8.​