Ethanol is a solution

When corn ethanol is produced in massive quantities with the right additives, to give more power, it will become the world’s most versatile, widely used, energy efficient and eco-friendly bio-fuel. When that day comes, Iowa will have the earth’s most valuable farmland. This is not sci-fi; refineries adding additional nitro power additives to corn ethanol would rocket an acre of prime Iowa farmland value to $100,000. New corn hybrids would grow to 20 feet in height. A forest of green gold. Ethanol is not an option, it is a solution.

The corn harvest of 2017 is done. Planning a new world market for corn ethanol should start now. The universal market for fuel is complex. Competition for motive power is populated by all kinds of contraptions. There are electric-gas hybrids on the road and more variations being thought up. Cars powered by propane fueled engines, hydrogen-powered motors, and even kinetic-energy recovery systems that would use even less electric power. The problem with all electric or hybrid electric vehicles is distance restrained. When your 4-wheels and a battery run out of spark, in the middle of nowhere, slim chances of finding a charger cable station! Would you want to drive around with a highly volatile canister of hydrogen in the trunk? That’s not my choice.

The future of combustion engine vehicles whether running on roads, rails or farmland dirt is all about emissions. Ethanol from corn burns up to 90 percent cleaner than gas or diesel. One-World Politics is the movement for fuel ecology. Governments across the globe foresee activist limitations. The Economist magazine reports that, “the British government announced that it would ban the sale of new cars that run only on diesel or petrol by 2040,” in an article posted Aug. 1. France followed up with a similar plan.

Iowa corn farmers can offer the world a completely new engine fuel based on ethanol.

This is how it’s done. A united alliance of corn lead by Iowa farms, as Iowa is America’s largest corn producer would be constructed along with Illinois, Nebraska and Indiana. Three states with Iowa as the anchor in research, advanced manufacturing technology and distribution of a new advanced corn ethanol fuel.

New technology in ethanol fuel must have a test lab. There is no more practical test facility than Iowa Speedway right in Newton. This 1-mile track has the perfect geography in banked turn angle and straights to gain the best fuel usage results and data. The perfect engine to test fuel efficiency would be the turbo-4-cylinder Indy Lights motor. A 2-liter jewel of an engine design; this exact motor size and design is the future of vehicle power. During the course of the year, Indy Lights would have a team involved in research participating with a testing car.

On July 8, the Indy Lights Iowa 100 miler at Iowa Speedway will arguably become the most important motor race in the world. It’s all about corn.​