May 27, 2024

The sun will shine better soon

In the latest issue of E.I.R., Executive Intelligence Review, the world leaders from around the world, as they returned from a meeting in Beijing on May 14-15, they proudly announced to there citizens and the World of a New Paradigm for the World,
both economically and culturally.

There where Prime ministers from Greece, Viktor, Hunguy,Check President Zeman, President Moreno from Ibero America, Duterto from Philippines, Kenyan President from Africa and Matthew Pottinger from the U.S. who is a representative for President Trump and invited China to attend the “select USA investment Summit,” on June 18-20 in Washington, D.C. to include China in investment opportunities in the United States.

How is that to put a spark of Glee in your Bonet for a change? All being financed by China Investment that is U.S. debt to China. Just about as good as gifts from Santa on Christmas!

Dan Schmitt