April 24, 2024

Time to save ‘We the People’

How many of the knowledgeable citizens know who George Soros is?

Every adult with American citizenship should know. If you want a viable country, you better get informed and ACT, since at this very moment he is regulating our very existence. First of all, he sponsored the state senatorial candidacy of Barack Obama. He made Obama’s candidacy for the president in the first place in 2007 and 2008 and was an extraordinary force on and in the Obama’s administration and much more.

There is not one thing that he does not manage and finances.

You think we have a free country, think again. If we the citizens don’t take control of our country soon, it is almost too late already.

Read more in E.I.R. Executive Intelligence Review or go to www.Larouche.com.

I don’t think President Trump can save the U.S. alone. Become informed. All of this action is the reason that we can’t get Congress to move to pass Glass-Stegall law. We have to get it past to save “We the People.”

Dan Schmitt