April 24, 2024

An appendage of an empire

I’m a nobody, but I’m terribly concerned for my country. I first got the idea of writing letters to the editor from the Lincoln-Douglas debate conducted by letters to the editor.

Thirty years ago, I was as naive as people reading this. God granted me the privilege of being exposed to the LaRouche group, led by Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche who have worked their lifetime for the good of the people.

The war drive was started by the Bush Administration but it has gone bonkers under Obama. We are led to believe that we are fighting for our country. But not so, we are an appendage of an empire. Putin has demonstrated that ISIS can be crushed and so there is now a ceasefire in Syria. Obama’s dream of regime change in Syria has been crushed.

But now on behalf of her majesty the British Queen, Obama is threatening war on China in order to stop China’s economic development policy. The whole idea of this is to kill people, according to British thinking that our world population of 7 million needs to be reduced to 1 million. Prince Philip and Prince Charles are explicit on this.

Our country from Lincoln to Kennedy fought and progressed for the good of mankind. But what is the population doing for the good for our country now?

Where is our leadership? War and more war. Impeaching Obama for war crimes could change it all for the good of the people world wide. Remember by our inaction, we have displaced thousands of people from their home and their countries. Our souls will answer for this action, or lack of it.

There is a solution to war. Pope Paul VI said, “the name of peace is development.” A blueprint for development exists, and, in fact half, the world is already implementing it. It is in the LaRouche report, “The New Silk Road becomes the World Landbridge.” In the fall of 2013, the President of China, Xi Jinping announced the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Maritime Silk Road as the official policy of China and invited the world — including to the United States — to join into this new trajectory for mankind.

Dan Schmitt