June 04, 2023

Construction should begin on pipeline

I am encouraged that the Iowa Utilities Board approved the Dakota Access Pipeline. For families like mine this means a steady paycheck for the next year. Thousands of craft tradesmen like myself across Iowa need these jobs, but more importantly we want jobs that responsibly protect the land we also live on.

Iowa’s farmers should have the least impact as possible on their agricultural cycles, regardless if the pipeline crosses their land or not. My brothers and I want to get the job done right the first time, and that means we should be starting work as soon as possible. Any delay on the start of construction could mean our work is pushed later into a growing season, which could run into the next season if not completed by wintertime. We certainly don’t want to affect farmers over two cycles.

If not for the sake of our paychecks, then for the sake of Iowa agriculture, the Dakota Access Pipeline should begin construction as soon as possible. And that means the remaining permits should be expedited in order to make sure of it.

Clint Walker