April 24, 2024

U.S. should join BRICS nations

In the past, I have called for the impeachment of Obama.

This information that I’m about to present should move people to action. What do you think?

In the latest issue of the “Executive Intelligence Review” (EIR) Jeffrey and Michele Steinberg tell us that every 12 minutes in the year 2013 one American died needlessly of self-inflicted overdose from heroin or pharmaceutical opiods.

This tragedy is caused by despair, desperation and hopelessness because of our country’s decent into nonproduction, unemployment, war mongering, as well as the Obama’s administration policy of protecting “too big to jail” banks such as HSBC Banking Corporation which, in my opinion, allows Wall Street to operate when the drug money rolls.

You say you don’t know of all of “events,” it is just a punch away on the keyboard, www.larouche.pac.

With this beautiful time of Easter, we could enjoy a real Easter blessing, with the resurrection of humanity to a more Christian world by joining the BRICS nations that Obama, to date, hasn’t allowed the U.S. to do.

Dan Schmitt