June 26, 2022

Semi crashes into home on First Avenue East

There were no apparent serious injuries when a semi crashed into a home at 1004 First Avenue East at about 1:50 p.m. Monday.

The semi was apparently headed westbound on First Avenue East. The truck, based out of Illinois, somehow got on top of the curb near the west entrance to a Casey’s General Store parking lot, across from the Subway restaurant.

The semi then struck the front porch of the house, and came to a stop. Newton Fire Department crews arrived quickly, and were able to help the driver emerge. He was walking and communicating, and while he appeared to have a minor leg injury, Newton Fire Chief Jarrod Wellik said there were no injuries that appeared to be life-threatening.

Wellik said the semi’s trailer was empty at the time of the collision, making it easier for Barney’s Wrecker to use heavy-duty tow trucks to pull the semi away from the house and tow it away.

A woman who was upstairs in the house was the only person home at the time, Wellik said, and she was uninjured. Scanner reports initially indicated nobody was in the home at the time of the crash.

Wellik said he didn’t talk to the driver himself, and didn’t know the exact cause. It’s possible the driver had a medical issue that led to the crash; there were no skid marks on or near the wreck.

The house’s front porch was demolished, along with landscaping damage in the front yard. Wellik said the house is owned by Don Deppe, who also owns Don’s Town and Country Appliance, located behind the house.

Firefighters and crews from Barney’s Services worked for nearly two hours to separate the semi from house so that it could be towed away. First Avenue East was closed off between East 10th and East 11th streets the entire time.

Wellik said the house was inspected by City of Newton Building Official Mel Duncan, and aside from the porch being destroyed, the main house not only stayed on its foundation, but was largely unscathed.

“While the accident had destroyed the porch, there was not significant damage to the structural integrity of the house,” Wellik said. “This accident could have been much worse if the vehicle had impacted the house further off the road.”

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