January 25, 2021

Apple Watch options: 54 combinations of case, band, size

NEW YORK (AP) — Apple Watch comes with a choice of watch case, band and size — there are 54 possible configurations in all.

Most models come in two sizes, 38 millimeters and 42 millimeters, as measured by the height of the watch face. The larger one costs $50 more in most cases. For a few of the bands, only one size is available.

There are three lines to choose from:

The cheapest is a “Sport” version with an aluminum case. You can get it with a silver case and choose a white, blue, green or pink band made of synthetic rubber. Or get a gray case with a black band. The smaller version costs $349, and the large one is $399. That’s 10 configurations — five bands, each in two sizes.

The regular version has a stainless steel case. The cheapest has the same band as the Sport version, except the clasp is also stainless steel to match. You choose white or black and pay $549 for the smaller model and $599 for large. Fancier bands are available — three different leather bands, a link bracelet or a Milanese loop. Prices go as high as $1,099 for a large watch with a stainless steel link bracelet. There are 20 official configurations, but once you factor in some leather bands coming in two or three sizes, you have 32 options to choose from.

Edition is the luxury line with cases made of 18-karat gold alloy. It’s $10,000 for a small version with the white or black band that comes with Sport models, with gold clasps to match. The large one costs $12,000. There are officially eight luxury configurations, or 12 if you count band sizes as choices.

Apple is also selling bands separately for those who like to swap designs. Prices range from $49 for the basic sport band to $449 for a link bracelet.