February 27, 2024

‘Never forget’

Families of CDR victims to host third candlelight vigil marking 32 years

The trial may be over, but the families of Steven Fisher and Melisa Gregory are vowing to keep the memory of their slain siblings alive.

For the third consecutive year, the brothers, sister and relatives of the victims of the March 3, 1983 Copper Dollar Ranch killings will host a candlelight vigil on the anniversary of 20-year-old Fisher and 17-year-old Gregory’ deaths.

The event is being organized by Gregory’s sisters, Lisa Gregory and Tanna Reynolds, and members of Fisher’s family. They hope the event, planned for 6 to 7:30 p.m. on the south side of the Newton Square on the courthouse lawn, can become an annual tradition for a town to continue its healing process 32 years after the brutal murders which affected so many of its citizens.

“It keeps the memory of them, keeps them alive. To show that we’re never going to forget,” Lisa Gregory said.

This year’s vigil will hold greater meaning for those connected to the case, falling soon after suspect and Fisher’s estranged wife Theresa “Terri” Supino was found not guilty of the murders Feb. 20 by a Black Hawk County jury.

Lisa Gregory and Reynolds said even if the 12-member panel had returned with a guilty verdict, they still would host the vigil to remember their sister and Fisher.

The families are inviting any member of the community who wants to participate and have also extended invitations to county law enforcement officers and prosecutors who worked the case.

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