June 27, 2022

Park Centre designated a Blue Zone Worksite

After two years of work, Park Centre was named a Blue Zone Worksite by the Blue Zones Project. Park Centre is the first worksite in Newton to gain this designation.

Blue Zones is a community well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to environment, policy, and social networks.

“Park Centre has been focused on implementing the Blue Zones principles for the past two years as part of WesleyLife’s mission for health and well-being. Therefore it was a natural fit to pursue the Blue Zones Worksite designation along with the other WesleyLife locations,” said Lori Griffin, lifestyle director at Park Centre.

Being designated a Blue Zone Worksite involves everyone at Park Centre, a Newton retirement community, from the leadership team working toward a healthy work place, employees participating for their own well-being and the example shown to residents at the facility, the culture supports health and well-being.

Park Centre had to complete designation criteria in the areas of leadership, purpose, habitat and physical environment, engagement and creation of social networks, policies and benefits, and well-being solutions. To achieve the worksite designation, the Park Centre leadership team completed the checklist and action plans to highlight what it was already doing well and drove change for areas it could improve.

Several health initiatives and social events were planned for both team members and residents to improve ongoing well-being, including healthy luncheons, fitness challenges and educational classes along with volunteer opportunities, wellness screenings, walking groups, installing bike racks and more.

“By creating a healthier work site that supports the Blue Zones principles, it will be easier than ever for employees to improve their well-being. When employees take the same healthy steps every day in our community, not only do they feel better, but they are better equipped to empower residents toward optimal well-being,” Griffin said.

Going forward, Park Centre will continue to focus on team member and resident well-being as part of our mission and employee engagement strategy.

“The Blue Zones Project team couldn’t be more excited that Park Centre has taken the initiative to become a designated Blue Zones Worksite,” said Mary Lawyer, State Director of the Blue Zones Project. “Park Centre’s commitment to the Blue Zones Project shows a dedication to employee well-being, and a willingness to make the healthy choice the easy choice.”

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