October 26, 2021

Bleeker family bringing more than movies and Joy to Newton Community

Bleeker family celebrates one year of ownership of Capitol II

In the past year the Bleeker family has taken a true Newton business icon to a whole new level. The Capitol II Theatre has truly brought more than movies and joy to Newton.

“It doesn’t feel like it has been a year, as time has gone by so fast,” said owner and operator of the Capitol II Dawn Bleeker.

The expectation of the digital conversion has been challenging to the Bleeker family, but with the help of the community, fundraising events, and innovative marketing a portion of the funds have been raised to convert to digital.Capitol II Movie Theatre has also kept cost low with being a family and community volunteering their time.

“We want to thank those who have volunteered their time, because without them we would have not been able to put any money toward the conversion of digital,”said Dawn.

The pressure of converting to digital the Bleeker family has made them come to the decision to make the digital conversion no earlier than January 2014 after the completion of the holiday movie season. The situation is critical timing-wise with the process of converting to digital.

“When we convert to digital, we will have to close down one side of the theater for a few days, so bringing in digital we have to look at booking times, as well,” co-owner/operator Paul Bleeker said.

The Bleekers must get a loan for this crucial business decision. The conversion will bring a new screen and new sound system. The digital projector will have an easy add-on option for 3-D, but that decision will be made after the digital conversion.

The options of entertainment are endless after the conversion, but the Bleeker family will have challenges as movie selection, doing events, and continuous marketing will be crucial.

“We are always a movie theater first. We love to do events, but we have to work around the movie schedule,” said Dawn.

The holiday movie season is in full swing at The Capitol II with “Thor: The Dark World” and “Enders Game” starting off. The Bleeker family is proud to announce they have contracts signed on some of the top titles due out during the holiday movie season with “Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “Frozen,” and “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.”

“We are very excited to have these top titles signed for Capitol II. Tickets for Hunger Games: Catching Fire is on sale now with first showings being on Thursday Nov. 21 at 8 p.m. and 11:15 p.m.,” said Dawn.

The movie theater has played host to birthday parties during off hours. The Bleeker family has multiple rental packages to meet the needs of any party or event.

“We have done many events over the past year. We love getting the community into the theater. We do reserve the right to refuse the event, but come on in and check it out. We will love to host your event,” said Dawn.

The pre-show has opened up the opportunity of on screen advertising. The advertising will show with every showing and can be created by the business owners or by Capitol II. The theater has multiple advertising packages with some being under a dollar a day for the entire year.

“We want to thank Paul Dawson for the work on the pre-show. We’re hoping to get more companies who want to advertise with us on the big screen contact me at the theater for more information,” said Dawn.

The Bleekers hope to shine bright in its second year of ownership. The owners brought in the mascot of the theater Joy to celebrate the one year anniversary. Joy had a few words for the community.

“I want to thank the community for the support and gave the first year of ownership of Capitol II Movie Theatre five oinks and a squealing good time. Don’t forget to come visit me as I have my own studio, which lets me enjoy all the fun,” Dawn said on behalf of Joy.

For more information on Capitol II Movie Theatre you can check out the website at www.capitol2.com, give them a call at 792-FLIX (3549), or simply stop on in.