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Upset with city spending

Published: Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017 9:43 a.m. CST

The Oct. 24 Newton Daily News had the public notice of the City of Newton intending to borrow money in three more loan agreements.

The first, $980,000 is to make HVAC improvements at the library, fund improvements to Newton DMACC and grants for the development of second story housing downtown.

The second loan is for $1,180,000 to provide grant and loan support to the Hotel Maytag project. Both are subject to petition filed with the city clerk by Nov. 6. and could be submitted to votes. Why doesn’t the city just put it to vote and let us decide? That would be open government.

The last loan is for $360,000 for more street improvements, not subject to petition. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but why should the city borrow money for any of this? The HVAC and street improvements should be budgeted. Why should the city pay for improvements at DMACC and not the state of Iowa?

Why should the city borrow money to loan money to the Hotel Maytag project? Isn’t that Hotel Maytag LLC and Hatch Development responsibility? Why can’t they get funding? How much money does the city have in all for this?

Why should Newton borrow money to fund parts for second story housing downtown? If building owners want to put in upstairs apartments, that should be their project.

Even if all this does not involve taxpayer money or charge the levy, the city is taking on more debt for things that aren’t their responsibility. Is that right?

City officials keep saying it’s a struggle to meet their obligations, yet they got right on with more big projects and think nothing of it. Why do these things the city can’t afford?

Carole Doane


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