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Boycott the NFL

Published: Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017 9:53 a.m. CDT

I back up Trump 100 percent about the NFL players who are disrespecting the American Flag. I served 22 years in the Army and believe in the values of the flag, otherwise I wouldn’t have served.

It’s time we sent a message to this group of people. Boycott the NFL games and hurt them in the pocket book. They are not a spokesperson for our way of life.

Do you know what the stripes on the flag mean? The blue stripe is the freedom of our country. The red stripe is the blood of our military has shed to protect our country.

The white is the pureness of this Christian nation. Our flag has flown over every battle field, flown over every American ship and hangs over every military base and individual state, country and city buildings. It’s time to stand up for something in our country, no it’s time to take back our nation from the ones who want to see it be destroyed.

S.F.C. Sherman Swank


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