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Aquagirls roll up wins on Senior Night

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016 10:32 a.m. CST • Updated: Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016 11:10 a.m. CST
(Jocelyn Sheets/Daily News)
NCMP senior Erin Van Sickle competes in the junior varsity 200-meter individual medley race at Tuesday’s final home swim meet for the Aquagirls.
(Jocelyn Sheets/Daily News)
NCMP’s six seniors — Kaitlyn Barnes, Willia Colville, Emily Miller, Sarah Prendergast, Hayley Sinclair and Erin Van Sickle — and their parents were honored during a break in the swimming action Tuesday on Senior Night for the Aquagirls.
(Jocelyn Sheets/Daily News)
NCMP’s Sarah Prendergast is on her way to a victory in the varsity 400-meter freestyle race in Tuesday’s final home meet of the season. NCMP beat Perry and Oskaloosa in a double dual swim meet at Newton’s YMCA.
(Jocelyn Sheets/Daily News)
Battling for a top-3 finish for NCMP is Julia Prime in the varsity 100-meter backstroke race in Tuesday’s home meet at Newton’s YMCA. Prime finished third behind a swimmer from Perry and a swimmer from Oskaloosa.

Six seniors had a strong final swim meet for the NCMP Aquagirls Tuesday. On Senior Night, NCMP notched wins over Perry and Oskaloosa at the Newton YMCA.

“Our seniors swam lights out tonight. Everybody is so excited for them,” NCMP head coach Sarah Patterson said. “We had a fantastic meet tonight. We are undefeated at home this season.”

The Aquagirls’ high school swim team had just two home meets this season. They are 3-0 after defeating Perry, 68-24, and Oskaloosa, 72-20, Tuesday.

Sarah Prendergast, Erin Van Sickle, Hayley Sinclair, Willa Colville, Kaitlyn Barnes and Emily Miller were honored, along with their parents, during a break at the meet.

The Aquagirls won nine of the 11 varsity events and all of the junior varsity races against Perry and Oskaloosa. Both visiting teams had less numbers than NCMP.

“It’s tough competing against teams with small numbers, but the girls were excited coming into tonight’s meet,” Patterson said. “I’m proud of the way our girls competed. I saw a ton of them being more aggressive at the front of their swims.”

NCMP won all three varsity relay races. It started the meet with a 1-2 finish in the 200-meter medley relay and ended with a 1-2 finish in the 400 freestyle relay race. In between, the Aquagirls won the 200 freestyle relay event.

The team of Lakin Jenkins, Lindsey Blommers, Miller and Prendergast posted a winning time of 2 minutes, 13.26 seconds in the medley relay. Julia Prime, Allison Paulius, Courtney Dawson and Alex Inskeep combined for second place in 2:27.41.

Blommers, Miller, Jenkins and Prendergast won the 200 freestyle relay in 2:00.83. In the 400 freestyle relay race, the foursome of Inskeep, Jessica Zahn, Jenkins and Prendergast won in 4:33.55 while the team of Dawson, Jaclyn Michener, Erika Van Sickle and Colville placing second in 4:50.23.

Zahn won the 200 freestyle in 2:30.27 and the 100 freestyle in 1:09.29. Miller and Colville went 1-2 in the 50-meter freestyle race in 30.21 seconds and 31.42 seconds, respectively.

Prendergast claimed first in the 400 freestyle race in 5:02.82. Blommers and Inskeep were first and second in the 100 butterfly in 1:16.17 and 1:18.85, respectively. Blommers was just off her NCMP record pace in winning the 100 breaststroke in 1:16.60 with Miller in second at 1:30.68.

Perry’s Haley Vaughn won the 200 individual medley, 2:44.46, and the 100 backstroke,1:17.39, races. NCMP’s Dawson was the third in the 200 IM in 3:03.32, and Prime was third in the backstroke in 1:24.93.

“At the beginning of the season, you always have initial speed at the beginning of races then you get a little tired and the level drops and the back end speed comes along,” Patterson said. “Right now, we’re starting to see it all come together for girls. As we head into the last third of the season, we really need to work hard, practice racing while training, and having practice pride.”

NCMP swims at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Atlantic.

NCMP’s junior varsity beat Perry 83-2 and defeated Oskaloosa, 83-3. Oskaloosa beat Perry, 18-2.

Here are the NCMP overall results from Tuesday’s home meet:


200-m medley relay: 1. NCMP (Jenkins, Blommers, Miller, Prendergast), 2:13.26; 2. NCMP (Prime, Paulius, Dawson, Inskeep), 2:27.41.

200-m freestyle: 1. Zahn, 2:30.27, 3. Michener, 2:38.03.

200-m IM: 3. Dawson, 3:03.32, 4. Paulius, 3:14.08.

50-m freestyle: 1. Miller, 30.21, 2. Colville, 31.42.

100-m butterfly: 1. Blommers, 1:16.17, 2. Inskeep, 1:18.85.

100-m freestyle: 1. Zahn, 1:09.29, 4. Prime, 1:15.52.

400-m freestyle: 1. Prendergast, 5:02.82, 3. Jenkins, 5:26.88.

200-m freestyle relay: 1. NCMP (Blommers, Miller, Jenkins, Prendergast), 2:00.83.

100-m backstroke: 3. Prime, 1:24.93, 3. Sarah Urias, 1:25.17.

100-m breaststroke: 1. Blommers, 1:16.60, 2. Miller, 1:30.68.

400-m freestyle relay: 1. NCMP (Inskeep, Zahn, Jenkins, Prendergast), 4:33.55; 2. NCMP (Dawson, Michener, Erika Van Sickle, Colville), 4:50.23.

Junior Varsity

200-m medley relay: 1. NCMP (Molly Coy, Briahna Teague, Janna Balek, Urias), 2:37.84; 2. NCMP (Courtney Ingle, Molly Lamb, Kaitlyn Barnes, Hayley Sinclair), 2:58.35.

200-m freestyle: 1. Abbie Hill, 2:42.15, 2. Emma Thomas, 2:46.34.

200-m IM: 1. Morgan Altman, 3:09.75, 2. Thomas, 3:18.14.

50-m freestyle: 1. Urias, 33.38, 2. Erika Van Sickle, 33.83.

100-m butterfly: 1. Hill, 1:28.60, 2. Balek, 1:32.46.

100-m freestyle: 1. Camilla Schlosser, 1:17.32,2. Teague, 1:21.01.

400-m freestyle: 1. Erika Van Sickle, 5:41.21, 2. Kaitlyn Barnes, 6:22.43.

200-m freestyle relay: 1. NCMP (Schlosser, Paulius, Thomas, Hill), 2:18.07; 2. NCMP (Mariah Petrao, Liv Barnes, Teague, Erin Van Sickle), 2:25.07.

100-m backstroke: 1. Coy, 1:33.60, 2. Ingle, 1:46.20.

100-m breaststroke: 1. Paulius, 1:29.62, 2. Pie Pandumrong, 2:00.18.

400-m freestyle relay: 1. NCMP (Thomas, Erin Van Sickle, Coy, Balek), 5:16.58; 2. NCMP (Altman, Schlosser, Kaitlyn Barnes, Sinclair), 5:30.15.

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