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Breckenridge understands medical cannabis

Published: Friday, May 6, 2016 11:01 a.m. CST

I met Wes Breckenridge a little less than a year ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we sat down for lunch together at PJ’s Deli. I’ve never known many police officers, but then again, I never really wanted to. You can say I’ve never been a fan of the police, but little did I know that would change that day.

We were meeting to have a conversation about medical cannabis. I must say I was leery talking to a police officer about such a topic, but as our conversation went on, I started to realize something ... “Wes seems like a normal guy.” I know right! I couldn’t believe it myself, but I discovered I had a lot of the same beliefs as a cop. Wes understands what we are trying to do regarding medical cannabis. Cannabis is medicine and Iowans deserve the right to have access to this plant with amazing medicinal possibilities. My wife may benefit from medical cannabis and Wes understands this. Not just because he is a kind and compassionate person but because he has a daughter that suffers with Crohn’s disease. He truly understands only your doctor and you should determine what is best for you medically. As I have gotten to know Wes a bit over the past several months, I’ve realized he is a good man. He’s given me a different outlook on police in general. There has to be more good officers like him, and I’m happy to now realize this.

This brings me to the point of this letter. Wes is running for the District 29 Iowa House seat, and I believe that Jasper County needs Wes Breckenridge to represent them. I’ve been dealing with state level politicians for about three years now and there is a serious need for people like Wes in the Iowa Statehouse. I was born and raised in Newton. My parents still live there and I still work in town with UL. Newton is a special place to me, and I know it is for many others as well. That’s why I’m asking you to support Wes in his bid for the District 29 seat in the Iowa House. I know he will represent Jasper County the way it needs to be, with honor, integrity and compassion. So please vote Wes Breckenridge for District 29 House Representative.

Craig Miller Jr.

West Des Moines

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