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Outraged by lack of flood assistance by government

Published: Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014 11:05 a.m. CST

To the editor,

It is a real shame how our government (state and feds) work when it comes to the state of Iowa disaster flooding early this spring and summer. When the state governor proclaimed that select counties (Jasper included) were open to get aid from the state. But guess what? That aid only included local city, county and state governments to pay for roads, ditches, right of ways and other things that were damaged by the flooding. Talk about double tax to us the taxpayers, it’s bunk!

My son lost his heating system, water heater and had damage to his foundation and walls. He is on a fixed income because of his disability. Insurance is not an option as they wouldn’t cover it, and if you make too many claims they would cancel him.

Local county agencies and Salvation Army, RACAPP, have no funding for emergencies like this, just for food, electric bill, gas bill and health matters and that’s about it. Now the federal government has declared many counties in the state eligible for funding.

I got ahold of Jasper County Emergency Management and found out that only select counties are going to get funding and Jasper wasn’t one of the counties. It is a shame there are no monies used for resident’s homes who pay the taxes in this city, county, state and federal level. It only goes back to the governments. It’s not right and not helping the right people.

Where are out state senators and other leaders on this? Why aren’t they speaking out on this? Do they really care? We are outraged over this mess, for all state people.

Sherman and Susan Swank


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