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Late Models race at Marshalltown tonight

Bonus bucks go unclaimed in Friday's races

Published: Tuesday, June 24, 2014 11:12 a.m. CDT

MARSHALLTOWN — Tonight is the only appearance of the Deery Brothers IMCA Late Models at Marshalltown Speedway during its 50th anniversary season. Also on the card will be IMCA sportmods boasting a $1,000 payday, IMCA stock cars going after a top prize of $500, and the Karl Chevrolet Dirt Trucks.  

The pit gates open at 5 p.m., grandstands at 5:30 p.m., and hot laps go green at 7 p.m. with racing to follow.

Last week Mother Nature was mean dropping over four inches of rain at the Marshalltown Speedway. However the track crew worked its magic and Wolf Seeds along with Jim’s Johns Challenge Night took place. 

The IMCA sport compacts six-lap feature was won by David Moorman. Aaron Miller, who led the first three laps, finished second. John Gill experienced transmission problems in the staging area leaving only two cars in the race.

Jimmy May claimed his second win of the season in the 15-lap mod lites’ feature race. May wrangled the lead away from Charlie Brown on Lap 10. Andy Hennigar tried to overtake May, but settled in to second, Brown was third, Eric Hendrickson fourth and Daniel Keltner fifth.  

Rookie Andy Hick grabbed the early lead in the 12-lap IMCA hobby stocks feature, but it was Eric Stanton and Austin Luellen battling for the lead at the end. Stanton won by a bumper at the finish line over Luellen. John Watson ran third followed by Hick in fourth place and Brice Udelhoven in fifth.

The IMCA Northern SportMods feature normally runs 18 laps but would go 25 laps because Clint Luellen, the only heat race winner to take the challenge. Luellen had a shot at a bonus of $500 if he could win. Brandon Williams denied Luellen that bonus, winning for the first time at Marshalltown. Sam Wieben came across the line in second place. Luellen, Jenae Gustin and Carter VanDenBerg rounded out the top five.

Donavon Smith held off the field to pick up his seventh win of the season in the IMCA stock car feature. The final 16 laps of the 23-lap race, which is usually 18 laps, ran caution free.  Jared Daggett, one of two drivers to take the challenge, spun out in turn four, bringing out an early caution.

Steve Meyer finished second meanwhile Michael Jaennette, the other to take the challenge, finished third Dave Atcher and Daggett finish fourth and fifth respectively.  

The final feature of the night was the IMCA modifieds race. It also saw two drivers — Ronn Lauritzen and Tyler Droste — win their heat races and choose to go the tail for a $1,000 bonus as it went unclaim in the previous three divisions.

Rookie Joel Rust and Luke Wanninger battled for the lead most of the way. Wanninger took the lead for good on Lap 21. Rust, Lauritzen, Adam Larson and Racer Hulin rounded out the top five.

This Friday is Shawn’s Custom Hay Grinding Night at the races. Hot Laps at 6:45 p.m. and racing at 7:30pm. 

Fan Appreciation Night with fireworks, as well as the 50th Anniversary Celebration on Friday July 4th which will feature activities rain or shine all day. Races will start 15 minutes earlier that night. 

Marshalltown Speedway Results

Wolf Seeds / Jim’s Johns Night

June 20th, 2014

IMCA Modifieds

Feature: 1. 20 Luke Wanninger (Minburn); 2. 26J Joel Rust (Grundy Center); 3. 10K Ronn Lauritzen (Jesup); 4. 2L Adam Larson (Ankeny); 5. 505 Racer Hulin (Laurel); 6. 69X Jon Snyder (Ames); 7. 43S Scott Simatovich (State Center); 8. K1 Kyle Krampe (Baxter); 9. 2Z Zack Rawlins (Newton); 10. 12 Andrew Kinser (State Center); 11. 40RC Rod Clement (Rhodes); 12. 21 David Brown (Kellogg); 13. 92 Tyler Droste (Waterloo); 14. Kyle Brown (Kellogg)

IMCA Stock Cars

Feature: 1. 35 Donavon Smith (Lake City); 2. 94 Steve Meyer (Grundy Center); 3. 93 Michael Jaennette (Newton); 4. 2 Dave Atcher (Marshalltown); 5. 22D Jared Daggett (Marshalltown); 6. 50X Kevin Balmer (Garwin); 7. 042 Doug Russell (Conrad); 8. 1X Michael Peterson (Montezuma); 9. 196 Chuck Davis (Conrad); 10. 45 Matt Deaton (Newton); 11. 3W Jeff Wollam (Marshalltown); 12. 12 Dwayne Herb (Cedar Rapids); 13. 4JR Russell Damme Jr. (Waterloo)

IMCA Northern SportMods

B-Feature (top 4 transfer): 1. 69JR Johnathan Logue; 2. 82 Jake McBirnie; 3. 98 Bill Hildreth; 4. 777X Cole Janssen; 5. 16 Austin Schuring (Newton); 6. 406 Shawn Weatherly (Eldora); 7. 6T Siraj Thomason (Montezuma); DQ 9 Scott Williams (Atkins)

Feature: 1. 67X Brandon Williams (Des Moines); 2. 198 Sam Wieben (Dysart); 3. 3L Clint Luellen (Minburn); 4. 19J Jenae Gustin (Marshalltown); 5. 7 Carter VanDenBerg (Oskaloosa); 6. 13T Taylor Musselman (Norwalk); 7. 25 Travis Peterson (Gladbrook); 8. T23 Tony Olson (Cedar Rapids); 9. 69JR Johnathan Logue (Boone); 10. 7SR Shawn Ritter (Keystone); 11. 80J Jared Van Deest (Holland); 12. 32N Neil Follett (Conrad); 13. 86 Cory Rose (Boone); 14. 82 Jake McBirnie (Boone); 15. T17 Tom Rawlins (Kellogg); 16. 11 Michael Strait (New Providence); 17. 98 Bill Hildreth (Marshalltown); 18 26B Bryan Johnson (Roland); 19. 40S Shawn Simatovich (Gilman); 20. 57R Ryan King (Montour); 21.95J Jason Hall (Grinnell); 22. 777X Cole Janssen (Pella); 23. 7R Ryan Asthon (Beaman); 24. 321 Andy Tiernan (Woodward)

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Feature: 1. 7B Eric Stanton (Carlisle); 2. 3A Austin Luellen (Minburn); 3. 4W John Watson (Des Moines); 4. 5H Andy Hick (Adel); 5. 26 Brice Udelhoven (Newton); 6. 166 Justin Lichty (Waterloo); 7. 52 Josh Saunders (Newton); 8. 20E Eric Larson (Holland); 9. 29 Jake Nelson (Newton); 10. 17 Andy Peck (Newton); 11. 35 Dillon Million (Marshalltown); 12. 55 Vince Buchholz (Tama); 13. 5A Tyler Pickett (Boxholm); 14. 4P Matt Pohlman (Keystone); 15. 89 John Housley (Des Moines); 16. 3X Steve Fricke (Marshalltown); 17. 42T Tyson Overton (Carlisle); 18. 82 Jennifer Hulin (Marshalltown); 19. 14T Mitchell Thomas (Marshalltown); 20/DNS: 10 Travis Merical (Marshalltown); 21/DNS: 27 Clint Nelson (Newton); 22/DNS: 4X Gary Pfantz (State Center)

Mod Lites

Feature: 1.5J Jimmy May (DeSoto); 2. 15 Andy Hennigar (Ankeny); 3. 82 Charlie Brown (Nevada); 4. 66F Eric Hendrickson (Ankeny); 5. 29K Daniel Keltner (Coralville); 6. 6 Mike Morrill (Altoona); 7. 8 Dusty Masolini (Des Moines); 8. 95 Mike Kennedy (Boone); 9. 4 Travis Brandt (Des Moines); 10. 17 Cory Sauerman (Grimes); 11. 64 Randy Bryan (Ames); 12. 94 Dustin Marshall (Prairie City); 13. 4L Larry Sorenson (Ames); 14. 13 Ryan McCrory (Pleasant Hill); 15. 12 Amber Coffman (Nevada); 16. 57 Tim Hennigar (Clarion); 17/DNS: 28 Terry Brown (Nevada)

IMCA Sport Compacts

Feature: 1. 6M David Moorman (Beaman); 2.  01 Aaron Miller (Marshalltown); 3. 02 John Gill (Marshalltown)

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