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There’s room for everyone’s opinions

Published: Monday, March 10, 2014 11:34 a.m. CDT

To the editor:

I enjoy the news (Daily News Editor) Bob (Eschliman) puts out. It shows both sides of the fence. How he was raised is much like how most of us “baby boomers” were raised, with respect for our laws and our Constitution (all that are in jeopardy).

It seems like we all can take a lesson from having a respect for our spirit inside. We can love the Constitution with whatever politics we choose without getting too upset by the other guy.

We have room for everyone on this wide earth, not to mention free speech … anyway for now. That hasn’t been taken on, yet.

I was a little concerned about the atheists who were upset about the cross at the site of 9/11. I wonder what else they will find. They have stuck their noses in everything and we, as a government, have caved?

That really is not what we are about, I thought. I wonder what is next?

Sheri Pherigo


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