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Being The Man

Published: Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013 11:25 a.m. CST

When I was told recently one of my stories was picked up by Andy Fales at WHO-HD Channel 13 News, I was literally shocked.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but the community’s response has been overwhelming. You’ve made all the late nights and early mornings worth it.

I have to admit I’m starting to truly find a home in my hometown.

It has been an amazing week personally, from getting a chance to chill with the guys playing NBA 2K14 on the big screen at Capitol II Theatre to getting the group back together for bowling. Then, there’s knowing the crew from my high school days will be coming home, and some great business opportunities.

It’s been a great work week, too. I got to take part in a photo shoot with my good friend and coworker, Ty Rushing, at Bridal Suite, and I interviewed my first vet for the Called To Serve series.

I can say I’ve found the kid who thrived off of coming into his own, starting to climb to the top of world in everything he does. I think back to that kid who, without a doubt, was once arrogant, cocky, and fearless.

Now, I think about that kid growing up to find his arrogance and cockiness turning into true confidence as those around him said, “You say you’re this guy, now show it.” Well, that’s what I have done in many aspects of my life.

I was thinking about two guys I idolized when I was younger: Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels of the WWE.

They always talked about “being The Man.” It’s something I always strived for, to show I am someone you may count out, but I will steal the show and even when I get to a point where everyone else says, “You’re too old,” I will do whatever it takes to show I’ve still got it.

But through it all, I realized something was missing. I realized in everything that I have tried to teach those around me, I did the one thing I hate. It’s when you look at someone realizing that even though their still the same person that everything you know before that moment is gone and someone new is there.

I am still a guy who will be seen as arrogant, cocky, and fearless, but without a doubt I have lived through the challenges set before me. It’s what makes me truly The Hometown Kid who will take on everything for the experience in hopes of making an impact.